Needlepoint Cat

Needlepoint Cat

Needlepoint Cat

This time last year I was busy sewing this chap.  See, every year I enter something into the village show and the last couple of years I have successfully won prizes – which means that I have to come up with something different every time!

I had initially wanted to make a fully joined needlepoint teddy bear, but the mono canvas is so unforgiving and a little bulky, so I wasn’t sure how well it would work out.  Instead I opted for a basic cat like shape and see how it wrinkled out.

As this was for the needlpoint class, I couldn’t use too many traditional embroidery stitches, but that didn’t matter because there are so many different needlpoint stitches out there.  Add colour, shading and texture into the mix and you have hundreds of stitches to choose from!

What I really liked about this was that I could use my favourite colours, from fresh aqua to a deep raspberry pink.  I had fallen in love with the DMC Rayon range (which they have now discontinued) which worked well on the canvas as well as the DMC Light Effects, both Anchor and DMC cotton floss, Soft Floche and Pearl.

As I am an inpatient designer, I started work on it before I had planned out where most of the patterns would be.  What I knew for sure was that I had wanted him to have tabby facial markings and a striped tail.

It was difficult to find eyes that matched the colours in the design, so they were handpainted using a clear glass eye and purple nail polish!  To define his features I used some of my bear making skills and did some needle sculpting around the eyes and nose.

I very rarely keep my embroidery and needlework, but I couldn’t give this one away so now he sits on my book case.

Back of the Cat

Back of the Cat


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