Falling out with projects

No matter what the craft is, whether it is knitting, sewing, scrapbooking or embroidering, there are some projects where you are thisclose to finishing, and you find yourself procrastinating.

I bought a needlepoint kit for a paperweight in a vegetable garden design and I just need to finish off a row of french and bullion knots and trim the turkey stitches.  This should take a couple of hours at most, but instead I have ignored it in favour of designing my Jacobean embroidery, or reading a new book, or working on a new silversmithing project – anything except the needlepoint!  Every evening this week I have sat down with it and instead of finishing it, I have been frogging and deconstructing bullion knots, adjusting where things are positioned, cursing every stitch I made or unmade – and the more I look at it, the more I don’t like it.

As it is a bought design I have adjusted some things, changing the size of the french knot flowers or the colours of the vegetables, but each time I pick it up, I see another thing in the design that I want to change.  This is madness, because it is almost finished and to unpick a large swathe of stitches would not be one of my greatest ideas…

Now, it is war and I have set myself a task for the weekend – that by tomorrow I would have finished it.

… So what am I doing?  I’m looking at teddy bear patterns of course!


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