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Long Time No Type

I can’t even bear to look at how long it has been since I last wrote here… but since then I finished an embroidered bag, a needlepoint paperweight, a teddy bear and a silver pendant all of which won 1st prizes at the village show, but no cup this time (Best Craft Exhibit was won by a quilter)   More photos of those later…

I’ve been really busy putting together all the new stockings for, which involved a lot of photos being taken under hot lights with the cats dancing around my feet.

Raspberry Bear

Alpaca Bear

There have been so many projects I wanted to start, but being lazy and generally in pain, I have settled for teddy bear making which is a task that is mind-numbing and also rewarding.  A friend recently had a baby so I decided to make her a bear which she can play with when she is older.  She is made out of alpaca (which is incredibly soft), with glass eyes which I painted with purple nail varnish and I also played with my new airbrushing kit to add some depth to her ears and face.  I also embroidered the baby’s initial on the footpad using perle and rayon floss.


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