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Saving Sid, bear restoration

I haven’t been able to do much crafting due to some health issues for a while, and recently I have been thinking about returning to my bear making.  Sid the BearI have always been interested in restoring bears and have re-stuffed, and attached limbs and eyes for my family’s bears, but have never really found the courage to buy a bear that needs restoration.  It seems that the decision was made for me as my parents brought back a present for me from Devon, Sid. It’s a little daunting as he does have a fair amount of damage, and I am going to document my progress with saving Sid here so if anyone can give me any kind of advice about what to do (or what not to do) as well as any indication of his age or how he should look (I am not so sure about his eyes), please let me know!

He is 18″ tall, fully joined and has a long-ish pile.  From the look of it, he’s been in the sun as his head is faded more than his body which is a golden colour.
He has a velvet type fabric paws and are sound, apart from a little hole in one foot.
There are some thread bear patches on his head, back and body and he is currently chilling out in the freezer for a couple of days just in case there are any little visitors in him (ick)

Sid's brains

Oh no! Sid’s brains are showing!

Sid’s braaaaaaaaaaaaainnns are showing!
See, on the right there’s a little thread bear patch on his head showing the wood wool stuffing inside.
His ears are OK, if a little crooked.  I think that I’ll probably replace the wool stuffing in his head so I can mend/stabilise the hole by his ear – I imagine that will sort out his head shape so it isn’t so squashed.  I can also give the ears a little manipulation so they sit the right way.



Sid's Eyes

Sid’s Eyes

This is a close up of his eye.  They are plastic and I am not sure if they are original.  They seem a little too big for his face and look like they have either been chewed on by a dog or bashed on some concrete.  There’s also a bit of a dark patch around them, so maybe someone decided to paint in some eyes – or it’s just dirt and gunge.
I am not sure how I could sand/polish them if they are original to him because they are plastic and the damage seems to be quite deep.
I’d love to remove these and replace them with a more appropriate pair.




Sid's Back

Sid’s Back

Here’s his back – there’s the Dean’s label and it’s clear that someone has tried to sew up his back with some cross stitches.  Poor little frankenbear.  You can see the old repair stitching as they used a bright yellow thread – so at least I can see it clearly when remove them!
There are more thread bear patches on his back.
I’ll probably take out the stuffing, then attach a similar colour fabric as a backing then darn the holes to stop them from growing any further.
If there is a better way, I’d be grateful for any advice or suggestions

I think that his body and his limbs are stuffed with kapok and while I’d add a bit of extra stuffing to make his body more stable, I won’t do a hard fill as I do like his wrinkly tummy.
He also has a growler which still makes a little squeaky growl when you turn him upside down.

Dean's bear tags

Dean’s bear tags

Here is a close up of his tags.
On one side there is Dean’s Childsplay Toy Babysafe
On the other side there is the image of two dogs fighting over a rag book with Made in Great Britain Dean’s Rag Book Co. Ltd on them

If anyone knows how old this makes him or if there is a type, please let me know.
So this is Sid, stand by for an update after he’s finished chilling in the freezer!



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